Congratulations on owning a piece of my artwork.  In order to care for your pieces please read further:

  • Patina: The patina, the green, blue color, has been achieved by an accelerated oxidization process.  This patina is stable, but over time will become darker.  To date I have not found a sealant that is both safe for the wearer and unobtrusive to the beautiful colors that can be achieved.  I make my pieces with full understanding that they are going to be worn and from this wearing they will change, change is inevitable; however, if you would like the patina to be refreshed to its original brighter state I will do so at no charge, only ask that you pay for the shipping both ways and understand that due to its nature it is unlikely that a new patina will match the exact patina from when you first came upon your jewelry.  The Patina should not encounter water or cleaning solutions.
  • Gold: The 24k gold used in the Keum-Bue process is thicker than plating but should not be cleaned with abrasive cleaners.  The best way to polish the gold is with a Sunshine Cloth.
  • Finish Quality: Every piece that I create, I finish the metal to the highest achievable polish and then bring down with a very light grit sandpaper to achieve a satin and worn look.  When the metal tarnishes you may use a very light steel wool or 2000 grit sandpaper to bring back the original surface.  It is best not to use harsh chemicals to renew the silver, this is especially import an if the piece has any Patina'd Copper, as the Patina would be washed away.
  • Warranty:  I guarantee my work for life.  I guarantee the clasps and necklaces and chains not made by me for one year.